How does climate change impact the concentration of diseases throughout the world?

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Areas to explain to students prior to the project:
  • climate change
  • concentration
  • diseases
  • understanding the world is larger than the united states

As a class we will be utilizing two technology tools.

The first tool we will be using is Notefish. Our Notefish will be used to supplement prior knowledge and will enhance the inquiry process. Students will use Notefish as their basis for research and they will access this over the course of a week. Our class' Notefish page is at the following link: Notefish

After the inquiry process is complete students will then utilize in order to present their information through a video documentary of their area of study. Students will access and will need an email account to log in. Here is an example of a student product (pretend that the video on Africa was actually created by a student at the end of the product; the other video is one that I created to show as an example when this project is introduced. The topic of democracy is not related to this product so that the students will have a model of what someone could create using RemixAmerica).
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Got questions? Students will be able to keep track of links and resources via our class website at: Blog