Literary GenresInstructional plans from the New Literacies Institute
Terry and Abbey's Five Themes of Geography
Emily and Allison's Instructional Plan : Can you catch the wind? Elementary Level : Grades 2nd-5th
Andrea, Kathee, and Marilyn's instructional plan
Lauren and Dawn's Instructional Plan
Kristen and Mary's Instructional Plan - grades K to 3rd
Donna, Dannie, and Brenda's Instructional Plan
Jason and Daniel's Genetics and the Holocaust Instructional Page
Tonia and Erin's Epic Journey
Michael and Brenda Iranian Voice
Jimmy & Jan Student Demonstration Plan
Shane and Carol's Instructional Plan on Social and Cultural Characteristics That Lead to Genocide
Carrie and Jill's Camelot
Meghan and Jenifer Culture and Schooling
Debbie and Ken's Folk Tale Foray
Echo and Betty viewing and technology
Tanesha and Denise Content Vocabulary
Jeff and Lou Ann's Instructional Plan in content reading
Shanika and Karen's Fiction and Non-Fiction Instructional Plan
Sinky & Yan Xu's Instructional Plan in ESL reading

Sandylee and Ann's Instructional Plan on Mood
Meg and Rebecca's Exploring Nonfiction